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Novokin Alliance Invasion series

an Alien Alpha SciFi Fantasy Romance

The Novokin Invasion takes place in a distant galaxy. Unbelievably hot alien warriors, savage beasts and pregnant males! Four women from four different walks of life fight for love and honor against the tyranny of the Novokin Alliance.

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Defying the Alliance: Heat

What captain in her right mind could resist saving the smoldering hot, ferocious alien dipped in delicious muscles and cooked to a golden sexy perfection?

Caspia Jones, the headstrong and sassy little captain of the Warbird Razor, was once a proud agent of law and order in her galaxy. That is until the Novokin Alliance invaded her world, enslaving her people and killing everyone dear to her. Most of her crew are dead. Her fleet disbanded. To save the last remaining crestfallen members of her ship from certain death, she had to run. Become a fugitive. An outlaw.

But Caspia couldn’t leave well enough alone.

She just had to go and free the slaves on the Deep Proteus space station, along with a hunky barbarian alien -who dares to challenge her authority, infuriates the prak out of her and yet tantalizes all of her body’s senses.

Now, her ship and crew are once again in the enemy’s crosshairs with nowhere to run.

Will she choose to break her Protectorate Captain’s code to save them? Will she go against everything she believes in? Everything she stands for? Will Caspia choose the mysterious, intoxicating, hazel green-eyed alien commander over her principles, her ship and the lives of her crew?

Alpha males, savage beasts and pregnant men, oh my!

Defying the Alliance: Inferno

One man loves her, 
one saves her 
and another wants to kill her.

How much longer can Caspia resist the magnetic pull of the savagely hot alien barbarian thrust upon her life? What’s a captain to do?
Her reputation grows as the charges for her alleged crimes pile higher and the bounty on her head quadruples! 
The situation gets hotter and steamier than ever for Caspia. Can she take the heat? 
Will she make the right choice for herself? Her crew?

Defying the Alliance: Eruption

Betrayals, Babies and Plasma Bombs…

Discover the naked truth in this stunning conclusion to Captain Caspia Jones’ Defiance of the Novokin Alliance!

Titan Rising: a SciFi Alien Romance 

Funny – Sexy -Out of this world!

I always dreamed of travelling the stars as an ambassador to mysterious and exciting alien worlds. When the Syalantian Empire made contact with earth, I jumped at the chance to make my wish come true.

But reality threw me a curve ball, and here I am, mopping floors and cleaning toilets in the honeymoon resort of Saturn’s largest moon, while couples from all over the Sol System glow with happiness before my lonely eyes. My only joy comes in my sleep, in midnight encounters with my hot, hunky, luscious-lipped and emerald-eyed dream alien.
If only he were real…


Syalantian series

The Syalantian series is filled with space fun and lots of steamy, sexy encounters between members of the royal family of the Syalantian Empire and their potential human soul mates, in their quest for true love and chocolate. Naughty fun with hilarious circumstances!

Syalantian Series Story

Bev already had the job, so why in the seven galaxies was corporate making her fly all the way back to the home office for an interview?

Bev: The Interview: a SciFi Alien Romance

This self-contained story stars the fan favorite fabulous blue Zedrovian in an adventure all her own.

After outing her dreaded little boss to the universe for the demon she was, Bev was unanimously voted in as the new general manager of the Sol system’s premier honeymoon resort on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. With less than a week left before her best friend and now queen of the entire Syalantian Empire leaves for good with her hot new hubby, Bev is called in to corporate’s central office…What does the sexy, 6’2’’, delectably debonair director of Extravagance Corporation have in store for her?


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